1. Hollow shutter glass


        Angle adjustment is possible to freely and control the light and line-of-sight.

        The insulation resistance of the multi-layer glass, it was plus the heat shield by the blind which is sandwiched between the glass. By the blind angle adjustment, it will be able to further up the insulation effect while controlling the light and the line of sight.


        White and Tan, other colors should be customized


        26”≤Height≤85” 7”≤Width≤85”


        clear glass, low-e glass, laminated glass, frost glass


        The blinds in the insulated glass can be raise and lower 180 angle easily through magnetic control


        Blinds between glass, Blinds and Drills between glass, Triple Pane Blinds Glass, Paint Blinds between Glass


        Sunshade, dustproof, sound insulation, heat preservation, energy saving, environment protection and attractive appearance


        Main performance of product

         ● Heat preservation performance K<2.0W/(m2 ?k
         ●Shading coefficient just 0.18(slats vertical)

         ●Lighting performance reached level 5 (slats raise)

         ● Sound insulation performance can reduce 27-50 decibels on the noise of outdoor

         ● -60 degree without condensation
         ●Past 672 hours high temperature resistance test


        Application show: